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Spotlight on the Angus Carers Centre

Today we'd like to shine our Spotlight on the Angus Carers Centre which is a non profit organisation based in Arbroath, with a passion for supporting and improving the quality of life for all young and adult unpaid Carers in Angus.

Angus Carers began in 1995 with a small group of Carers setting up a Network linking Carers with other Carers willing to offer friendship and phone support. They became a registered charity in 1996, and in 1998 the Angus Carers Centre opened in Arbroath with 4 members of staff supporting 31 carers.

Today this important charity supports 24 staff, 23 active volunteers, 1,735 registered adult Carers and 235 young Carers.

The mission of the Angus Carers Centre is to make sure all Carers in Angus have access to information and support that will enable them to feel valued and confident in their caring situation and to develop their own potential. They provide support through a variety of channels from 1;1 support, group meetings & occasional residential breaks and day trips.

The Angus Climate Hub funded a recent project of theirs in which the Kirriemuir Food Hub worked closely with Angus Young Carers putting together a 'A Lets Cook together' pack for young carers for over 20 weeks.

(At the time of writing this they are almost at the end of this project with only a couple more food packs to go).

Each meal pack is prepared by the volunteers at the Food Hub, providing the ingredients and instructions (we hear videos have even been made!) to make a meal at home for 4 people. These packs not only support young people in our community during a cost of living crisis, but encourages healthy eating habits, brings transferable life skills and boosts their independence all while valuing their roles as unpaid young Carers.

Its an honour to have been able to play a tiny part in such a valuable project.

It has been a big undertaking by the Kirriemuir Food Hub and from the feedback provided by the young Carers themselves, has been hugely successful.

Watch the video below to witness some of the incredible young Carers of Angus as they share what its like to be a young Carer and how proud they are.

You can find out all about the Angus Carers Centre, how they can support you or how you can get involved, over on their website.

*Photos and video from Angus Carers Centre

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE - There's a lot happening around Angus where people are getting together and doing great things with and for their community. We want to shine a SPOTLIGHT, sharing and celebrating what is happening in the wider community. We hope this may inspire you to get involved, connect with others, learn a new skill or even set up your own group!  


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