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Healthy, varied landscapes help in extreme weather events.

Nature is strongest and most resilient when it is diverse and connected. So every species counts. 

The State of Nature report shows we are losing nature faster than ever. Nature is essential. It’s loss undermines our economy, food supply, health and wellbeing.

We are Nature. Everything we eat, make and do depends on Nature.

man attaching a bird box to a tree

Happily we can accelerate nature recovery in a number of ways...


3.   Reducing pollution on land (notably pesticides and excess fertilisers) and reducing the pressure on marine environments. This means more wildlife-friendly farming, forestry and fisheries.

1.   Improve the quality of our protected sites on land and at sea. These places have been chosen because they are special for nature and wildlife should be thriving within them, yet too many are currently in poor condition.

2.   Create more, bigger and messier places for wildlife. Our wildlife needs more space, and we know that many species can benefit from habitats that are quick to create such as ponds, scrubby habitats and un-trimmed hedgerows.

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4.   Targeted species recovery action. This can be very effective when it can be applied to a high proportion of a species’ population, and is also key to bringing back lost species.

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There are lots of people in Angus working to help nature thrive. 

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frog in local reservoir
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