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Spotlight on Gallowshade Community Links Garden

Today our spotlight is shining on the Gallowshade Community Links and in particular their thriving Community Garden.

If you aren't local to the area Gallowshade can be found next to Reid Park in Forfar.

The Gallowshade Community Links Group formed to improve the local community by linking it with a variety of opportunities and initiatives, and since it's conception the group has been incredibly pro active and successful in doing just that.

The Community Group has been able to raise funds that has seen them set up a number of fantastic projects including a Youth Project, a weekly drop in Community Cafe, Community Xmas and Halloween Party's and even a Cinema!


In 2021 the Group approached the council to request transforming the land that sits behind the Gallowshade housing area into a community run garden. The intention behind this was to help tackle food poverty by supporting locals to grow their own food, or in the least have access to free freshly grown food.

In 2022, once council approval and funding was in place, the project was finally able to get underway. The first steps were taken with a shed and polytunnel becoming the first 'residents' of Gallowshade Community Links Garden!

Since then, through the hard work and dedication of the group members, volunteers and locals, the garden has been on a continued journey of growing and flourishing.

The once unused land has become transformed into 19 allotments - provided for free along with the tools, compost & advice required!

In just over a year the Community Garden was able to produce an open food growing area with local residents signing allotment agreements and growing their own food.

Funds were also raised so that a fruit forest with over 50 fruit trees/bushes was able to be planted. The trees include variations of apples, pear. plum and blueberry, benefitting the community for many years to come.

Today, these allotments are enjoyed by individuals & families. There are a couple of plots open to anyone in the community who likes to potter in a garden but doesn't want the full commitment of an allotment. There is even one that the local primary school have taken on and tend to each week.

The Angus Climate were recently able to support the Garden's next project with Funding to create an outdoor sheltered space for the community to gather, as well as a pond to help nurture biodiversity.

We popped along to visit the garden earlier this week and caught the pergola building in action!

I think you will agree this is an incredible spot to have a community area - what a view!

It's also testament to the generosity of hardworking folk who take time out of their day before heading off to their own work, to build something for their community.

We look forward to coming back and seeing it finished and looking grand amongst the rest of the flourishing garden.

*Photo credits go to Gallowshade Community Links Group*

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE - There's a lot happening around Angus where people are getting together and doing great things with and for their community. We want to shine a SPOTLIGHT, sharing and celebrating what is happening in the wider community. We hope this may inspire you to get involved, connect with others, learn a new skill or even set up your own group!  


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