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 We are a Community Climate Hub funded by the Scottish Government and we are here to help the people and nature of ANGUS thrive.

We will do this by CONNECTING & SHARING knowledge and skills as well as FUNDING & DEVELOPING projects.

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beach scene at Lunan bay Angus

"Imagine ANGUS as 842 square miles of possibility"

Angus country side views
children running down sqand dunes at beach in Angus
school outing on nature walk

Climate change is personal.

Each of us has a story of storm damage, flooding and loss.

Maybe the roof leaked, you lost a freezer full of food when the power went off. Maybe your crops rotted in the field or a favourite tree was brought down in a storm. 

For each of us it will be different, but we can all see that things are different and are changing fast.

This can feel very unsettling, something too big and difficult to look at, or do alone.

If you recognise any of this and want to take action then you are not alone.


The ANGUS CLIMATE HUB is here to help YOU make a difference and to deliver action that can give us all a more positive road ahead. 


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The Hub aims to support and inspire, building connection and sharing resources.

So whatever brings you here, get in touch.

We can support your event, help find the funding for your project or connect you to the people, skills or knowledge that can bring your idea to life

Whatever you need, get in touch!

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We believe that working together in making changes is the way to a better future.


  • To share skills, ideas and resources, between community groups

  • To support and develop community led climate action across Angus.

  • To support communities to contribute to local, regional and National decision making

  • To support understanding of climate change and it’s direct impact on existing inequalities.


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We believe that 'how we are is how the world is'. Our VALUES are;

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Listening, being curious about our different and shared values and ideas

  • Respect, including for each other’s time

  • Awareness of power dynamics and roles held

  • Encouraging diversity and inclusivity

The HUB is hosted by the MONTROSE COMMUNITY TRUST and is currently being coordinated by Kate Munro.  Find out more about them here.

collage of photographs from the Angus community
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