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Spotlight on Montrose Community Trust

Today we want to shine a big spotlight on the Montrose Community Trust as not only does it play an incredibly active role in the Montrose Community, it also plays a vital part in the Angus Climate Hub .

The Trust is our host organisation, with chief exec Peter Davidson taking care of all the financial accounting, hosting meetings and generally keeping things rolling behind the scenes. So in short without them we wouldn't exist. (Thank you MCT & Peter!)

But that's enough about us, lets get back to sharing a bit about the Trust, for those who have never been introduced!

The Montrose Community Trust became a registered charity in 2011 and while it's had a rebrand and a name change since it began, the non profit organisation has always upheld the simple goal ; to use the unique power and widespread appeal of sport ( football in particular) to make positive changes in the Montrose and Mearns community.

Inclusivity is also a predominant & fundamental value of theirs and reflected in all that they do. As their catchy tagline states - they are certainly #morethanfootball .

Over the years, the Montrose Community Trust has developed and delivered a wide range of programmes, which as you would expect from an organisation rooted in a football club, involves an array of football programmes.

These football programmes invite all to take part - anyone from the ripe old age of 18 months that is!

Some of these sessions include walking football , football for toddlers, a girls only soccer school... to name a few.

The Trust also hosts a number of other group activities and programmes that focus on the welfare and wellbeing of the community, offering support to those marginalised by health and social inequalities.

There are guided 'Walk and talk ' meet ups 3 times a week to encourage gentle activity and reduce social isolation. They also opened the Montrose Connections Meeting Centre that offers a safe social place for meaningful activities to be provided, supporting and enabling those living with mild - moderate dementia.

In addition, the Links Park Stadium itself is used to provide a welcoming space for a number of groups such as ; the yearly Festive meal for isolated elderly adults, a keep fit program for those over 35 as well as 'The Changing Room' which creates the opportunity for men to share their experiences and  receive mental health support .

It's incredible to think that the work achieved by the passionate volunteers and employed staff reaches over 1000 people each and every week, improving the social and emotional wellbeing of the Montrose community.

You don't have to be a football fan to want to cheer about that!

As a registered charity the Montrose Community Trust rely solely on donations, funding & sponsorships, holding occasional fundraisers - which leads us perfectly to the Big walk and talk event they are hosting on Sat 22nd June!

Consider this your invitation to join in the fun, stretch those legs and help generate some more funds for all the great things this amazing Trust does!

If you are local to the Montrose area you can find out about all 28 of the programmes that the Montrose Community Trust run over on their website. You can join in one of their programmes or get involved as a volunteer.

You can also keep up to date with everything that's happening through their socials ; instagram and facebook.

*All Photo credits - Montrose Community Trust

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE - There's a lot happening around Angus where people are getting together and doing great things with and for their community. We want to shine a SPOTLIGHT, sharing and celebrating what is happening in the wider community. We hope this may inspire you to get involved, connect with others, learn a new skill or even set up your own group!


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