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How have the recent storms affected your lives, work and family?  

WE would like to hear about your experiences of the Angus Storms.

This winter everyone in Angus endured record breaking floods, storms and tides. This was a weather shock to our lives, jobs and homes.


We would like to collect the experiences you are happy to share to create a community record of these events.

storm damage 1.jpg
coast damage.jpg

Send us your spoken words, videos, pictures or whatever you are happy to share.

We would like to gather the experiences of our Community and share them with a wider audience so we can learn together. We would do this by putting them into a film which would be shown at the Landxsea Festival in Montrose on 13-15 September 2024.

You can read the reasons, motivation & intentions of why the Angus Climate wish to create this space for the Angus Community HERE.

storm damage 2.jpg
coast damage 2.jpg
storm damage 3.jpg

We have created a simple 'form' where you can upload any pictures or videos you have taken, capturing (private or public property) damage in the recent storms or rains of Angus.

storm damage 4.jpg

Click on the link above and simply follow the question prompts and then add your photographs and/or videos.


If you would like to share more about the storm damage or your experience then choose the 'YES' option and we will be in touch, using the email you provided, to find out more.

OR you can get in touch with Kate - kate@sccan.soct

Thank you.

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