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No Mow May

You will undoubtedly have heard of Movember - when November heralds the month of moustache cultivation to encourage conversations around mental health (particularly in men).

No Mow May is similar in that it encourages lots of growth for a full month, but as the title describes it's in reference to your front lawn and it happens in May!

Plantlife began this movement as one of their many projects that fulfill their mission to:

Secure a world rich in wild plants and fungi. Wild plants and fungi underpin the health of our environment. They can help us to resolve the climate, ecological and societal challenges which we face. Protecting them will lead to a world full of colour, beauty and life while allowing the plants and the animals which depend on them to thrive.

The challenge is simple - leave your lawn to grow for the month of May and beyond.

This simple act brings so many benefits to you and the natural world around.

  • It will provide flowers for pollinators - we've lost almost 97% of our flower rich meadows since 1930's

  • It helps tackle pollution by reducing the urban heat extremes

  • It also helps lock away atmospheric carbon below ground

You may have noticed small patches of 'wild' pop up here and there as the Angus Council have started to leave areas of parks and verges to grow in an effort to aid this regeneration and our pollinating friends.

No matter the size of grassy patch it all adds up, so we hope you will feel inspired to enjoy a month (or 3!) off the lawn mower, and instead enjoy watching the butterflies and bees get busy instead.

You can see a map here of all those getting involved this year...let's get some more dots in the Angus area. You can sign up here.

*All info contained in this blog post ahs been sourced from Plantlife

Photos by Kate Munro


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