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Stitch Success!

Forfar library was bustling with activity recently, due to a fantastic turn out to the Stitch Event we hosted in partnership with Angus alive Libraries.

Utilising the skills that local people possess and sharing these with the wider community is a big part of what we aim to do at the Angus Climate Hub, especially when these skills help reduce waste and promote sustainability.

So a Stitch Morning was organised and 3 Stitch Stations set up, each hosted by a local 'expert'. The 3 stations provided a stitch related skill to learn along with an opportunity to practise.

Ellie manned a 'Crochet Station' where people were given the opportunity to learn beginner crochet stitches and make a simple dish scrub from sustainable twine, produced by the local business Nutscene.

Jenny hosted a 'Hand Sewing Station' where she taught simple sewing and repair skills through embroidering a wool felt patch.

Gail manned the 'Sewing Machine Station' where people were given the opportunity to get friendly and familiar with a sewing machine.

The machines are part of the Lend and Mend Project hosted by Forfar Library which gives you access to a machine without the expense of having to buy your own, also helping reduce our carbon footprint by sharing resources.

It was wonderful to see people of all ages come along.

Some came to try out a new craft, others to brush up on rusty skills.

Most people remarked that being shown in person made them realise that crochet/hand embroidery/sewing on a machine is far simpler and easier than they had thought - which is very encouraging to hear, and a great reminder to not be put off trying something new!

Our 'Stitch Star' of the day had to be 5 year old Dylan who, much to his mum's surprise and delight, sat for 2 hours patiently embroidering a spider web!

If his spider man jumper didn't give him away as a devoted spiderman fan, then this maybe would :)

You can see the web in the photo's above!

We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined in and 'got stitchy' with us, and of course to Forfar Library who offered their fantastic space and helped organise this Event.


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