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What we eat and how it’s made has a massive impact on our health and our world. 

One third of all food is wasted. That’s a waste of time, money, transport, energy and of course food.

In a changing climate erratic weather makes it harder to grow crops. That makes food more expensive. Those least able to take the shock are hit hardest.




We all eat, but we do not all eat well.

Everyone deserves to eat well.

This means having access to plentiful, affordable good food and knowing how to cook. 

polytunnel full of vegetables and flowers
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vegetable stall with locally grown vegetables

There are over 30 community growing projects in Angus.

We are here to support more action on food and growing. If you have an idea and some friends to help make it happen, get in touch.

red cabbage
adult and child digging in the garden
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