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A Consultation with the Scottish Government in Montrose!

That's a header worthy of attention don't you think?!

The recent meeting hosted by the Montrose Community Trust and Angus Climate Hub was a notable event, not just because it was only 1 of 6 of these meetings occurring across Scotland, but because it provided an opportunity for the people of Angus to share their experiences. A chance to voice their concerns with the Scottish Government and help shape the action planned in response to the changing climate.

East Haven

Adaptation Plan Consultation

The Montrose Links Park Stadium has been the ground for many an exciting tackle, but arguably never one that's as difficult as climate change.

However the disappearing sand dunes in Montrose and the devastating flooding in Brechin are just 2 of the recent events that have made the changes that are happening harder to ignore. It was important that an Adaptation Plan Consultation should happen in Angus (*Info of this plan can be found at the end of this post).

On Wed 6th March, 25 local people and the Scottish Gov Climate Adaptation Team met.

2 questions were asked and discussed.

What have you noticed?

What Support do you need?

During the evening the most frequently mentioned topics that were 'noticed' and subsequently discussed in terms of 'support needed', were concerns around coastal erosion, the need for better flood defence and improved forestry skills & management. Connecting councils and communities was also considered imperative.

Catch a snippet of the Consultation in this short video.

This consultation was one step, there are many more conversations required AND steps to take.

It's our job at the Angus Climate Hub to help support you in this. We are here to help you make a difference and to deliver action that can give us all a more positive road ahead. Simply look through our website and read about the ways you can start right now, find out about the projects we are in partnership with, come along to our events or simply contact us with your idea.

We want to say a big 'Thank you' to those who took the time to come along to the Consultation.

If you have read this and feel like there is something else you want brought to attention, then you can submit your thoughts while the Consultation remains open - here

*What is the Scottish National Adaptation Plan?

We know climate change is happening here and now in Scotland. Even as we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, more changes are already locked-in due to historic emissions and it is essential we adapt to these changes.

The draft of the Third Scottish National Adaptation Plan 2024-29 (SNAP3) sets out policies and proposals aimed at enabling everyone in Scotland to adapt and become resilient in the face of climate change – and the Scottish Government is now seeking views on how this Plan can be improved.


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