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Dronley Community Wood

One of the first partnerships of the Angus Climate Hub has been made with Dronley Wood and Dirk Sporleder, the forest manager, providing funding and support for the regeneration of this community woodland.

Like many other woods in Scotland, the recent storms have left a lot of damage. With the increasing frequency and intensity of storms occurring things are not going to improve without change.

The long-term vision for Dronley Wood is to develop it towards a mixed woodland, making it more stable and resilient. This is a vision that is not currently supported or funded by any other organisation in Scotland.

Already the work has started with the large task of clearing storm damage, making space for natural regeneration to occur. Over the months of February and March Dirk is hosting 8 Project Days where anyone from the local community is invited to come along and help out.

These Project days offer a great opportunity to learn all about sustainable, low-impact woodland management and will give you a hands on experience carrying out stand surveys, site & soil assessments, putting up temporary deer fencing, clearing brash, seeding & tree planting.

You can find out all the details on our website HERE.

We hope you can join us!

We also look forward to sharing more updates on the work that is being done in this beautiful wood over 2024, and documenting the impact these changes have.



Dronley Community Wood hosted an Open Weekend on the first weekend in Spring where all were invited to come and participate in skill sharing, watch demonstrations of sustainable tree felling with a mobile sawmill, and get involved with lots of sustainable forestry activities. The funding they received through the Change for Good Fund was used to buy seeds and trees, all of which were successfully planted over the course of the weekend!

You can read all about the weekend here.


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