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Angus has been severely impacted by recent storms. How we adapt to a changing climate is crucial. This is your chance to discuss and explore the Scottish Government's Adaptation Plan.



Links Park Stadium, 

Wellington St, 

Montrose DD10 8QD


Wed 6th MARCH

6 - 8 PM


What is the Scottish National Adaptation Plan?

Over the last few decades the climate in Scotland has warmed, rainfall patterns have changed, and sea levels have risen. We know climate change is happening here and now in Scotland. Even as we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, more changes are already locked-in due to historic emissions and it is essential we adapt to these changes. The draft of the Third Scottish National Adaptation Plan 2024-29 (SNAP3) sets out policies and proposals aimed at enabling everyone in Scotland to adapt and become resilient in the face of climate change – and the Scottish Government is now seeking your views on how this Plan can be improved.


About the workshop

The workshop is run as part of the public consultation on the draft Adaptation Plan. We know climate impacts vary depending on where you live in Scotland. The session will be an opportunity to learn about and discuss how climate change is affecting your community now, how might this change in the future and what actions to take. The outcomes of the workshop will shape the final Adaptation Plan that the Scottish Government will publish in Autumn.


All participants will receive a £50 Scotland Loves Local voucher after the workshop as participation remuneration.


Who is this workshop for?

Everyone who wants to shape how Scotland is adapting to climate change and learn more about the topic. No prior knowledge of climate change is required. All ages welcome!


Who is running the workshop?
The workshop is being run jointly by the Scottish Government and by sustainability charity Sniffer via the Adaptation Scotland programme.

Refreshments will be provided.

Any questions get in touch HERE

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